Little Lambs


Little Lambs is designed to engage toddlers, ages 2-4 years, into a loosely structured class as a stepping stone from the playtime of Nursery to the Worship Environment of Children's Worship (ages DK-2nd grade).

Little Lambs Leaders introduce the Bible Story through Table Time with Play-dough or Lego Blocks. Children are encouraged to create figures that represent what God talks about in the Bible Story (i.e. Children might make trees, rivers, people, food, animals as they discuss the “God Created Everything” lesson).

Children move to the story blanket to hear, touch, and see the Bible Story with sensory Story Boards from Hand’s On Bible Curriculum. After snack time, children have play time with dolls, trucks, and lego’s with their friends in Little Lambs.

As with all our volunteers, Little Lambs Volunteers have background checks and are approved by our Administration Board before serving. In addition, our Little Lambs coordinators ensure that all activities, play toys and lessons are safe and age-appropriate for your precious toddlers!