Small Groups
Small Groups are a group of believers {followers of Jesus Christ} who meet together on a regular schedule to build one another up, to encourage one another, and to walk alongside one another as they grow together through the study of God's Word, prayer, fellowship and service.

Some groups will want to have a Bible study around a certain protion of God's Word, or a certain topic. We'll help you do that. Others will want a less formal time of sharing verses with each other and dig into God's Word together to see what it says about your curent life situation and personal circumstances. When a group of believers get together to talk about life, God's truth in Jesus Christ is at the center of the conversation.

Praying together might mean sharing prayer requests and going around and actually praying for each other. It might mean communicating daily requests through emails or in other ways. Prayin for others and knowing they are praying for you is another privilage we hae as brother and sisters in Christ that builds up and encourages us.

Fellowship is more than sharing food and fun together! It is sharing your hearts with others in the Body AND enjoying times together with those who are like-minded. That includes eating together and having fun and laughing together. Followers of Jesus enjoy being with other followers of Jesus.

And finally, God calls us to serve one another. Connecting with other believers builds relationships that bring countless benefits and one of those is being able to call on others when you have a need. We want to be there for each other. Here's the thing:  Small Groups take time an require a level of commitment few seem ready or willing to give. The result: many miss out on the benefits of everything we just talked about and end up feeling disconnected from the Body...because they are!! But that can change! And we're here to help you get connected!

If you are interested in joining a Small Group, or would like more information, please contact:

Adam & Lauren Fenton: 
Eric & Becky VanEck: