Children's Worship



At Lighthouse, we use the "Explore the Bible:Kids" curriculum where children use object-based learning to help them dig deep. Children explore the people, places and objects of the Bible in historical context and compare them to modern-day life. With "Explore the Bible:Kids," children aren't just learning the Bible; they're experiencing it!

-Check out how the Ark stacks up to other famous ships.
-Experience the gigantic size of Goliath compared to ... your own dad.

As soon as the children arrive to class, they jump in with an activity to familiarize them with Bible Story for the day! Both classes will then meet for an exciting video clip, showing the history and setting of where their Bible Story took place and what it might look like today! After the video, they circle up and read the story straight from scripture--as well as connected passages throughout the Bible, showing how God's plan for us is perfect from beginning to end! Children will then respond to what they've learned through interactive crafts, games, or fun Bible explorations.