Children's Sunday School

We are so excited to start using the DWELL curriculum this September!  This curriculum actively engage kids in God's story using interactive games, reflective wondering, dramatic storytelling, and a whole lot of fun!  Colorful story symbols create visual timelines; songs with kid appeal help memory verses stick; and wonderfully illustrated take-home pieces provide support to families.  Through it all, DWELL invites kids to find their place in God's story, living into and out of it for the rest of their lives.

In DWELL, kids do more than hear a story. They experience it. Each level of DWELL has a name that reflects that experience:

Play:  Preschool
Imagine:  K-1st Grades
 Wonder:  2nd-3rd Grades
Marvel:  4th-5th Grades
Dive:  6th-8th Grades

Sunday School is BEFORE our Sunday Worship Service from: 9-10 am at our Church Building at:
7624 Lake Michigan Dr., Allendale
 (September - May)

Worship starts at 10:30 am (September - May)