Dinner & a Dive
Dinner and a Dive is a time for food, fellowship and exploring the depths of God's Word!
Often, a one-hour education program leaves unaswered questions and not a lot of depth to Biblical studies! Dinner and a Dive is different! Based on the concept of a SCUBA diving log book, Dinner and a Dive goes deep into God's word and explores multiple levels of it's depth and several observations along the way. This type of format allows for great group discussions, lots of time for questions and full exploration of the Bible as a whole. This class is not defined by time, but rather making sure that there is a clear understanding of the subject matter and the truths of God's Word.

Some of our past topics include:
A Prodigal People - based on the story of the prodigal son
Dry Bones - based on the story of Ezekiel and the dry bones
Life Choices - making life decisions based on Biblical principles
Truth - where does real truth come from?

Make plans to join us and check it out!