Patty McCue
I have been working as the custodian for Lighthouse Community Church since 2004. 

I have been married since 1988 and have two sons; one living on his own and one still in high school.

We here at Lighthouse are trying to serve the needs of the congregation as best we can given the extra burden of not having a church building to call home! My prayer is that when you enter into the Ceglarek Fine Arts Center, you feel welcomed, comfortable, and as if you are in a church, not a school. A lot of love and work goes into setting up for each Sunday, and this work is done for the Lord. The goal is for it to be a place where God's family can get together and worship the one true God! 

From time to time I find myself glancing back to see where we've been, but I am mostly living in the present with great anticipation of what God has planned for us in the future!