Lynette Agnew
Administrative Assistant
About me...I was born and raised in Southern California.  I studied dance from the age of 2, and performed in Musical Theatre half of my life!  I worked at Disneyland as a 'World Famous Disney Character,' and toured the Western United States performing for the Walt Disney Company in major cities. I also worked as a Corporate Travel Agent, and various Customer Service/Administrative type jobs.

I met my husband P.J., while performing in a musical production with him, and we married in May, 1999.  I gave birth to our daughter Jordyn on July 4th, 2000 ( yep, my little firecracker! ), and then we moved to Allendale in 2006.

I found work as a waitress at New Beginnings in Standale for 8 yrs, and then at the Embassy for a year.  I love the fact that while waitressing I met many other members of Lighthouse, and I am proud to call them family!
 P.J. and I became members of Lighthouse Community Church in 2007, and love worshipping our one true God with other members of the Body.  
Jordyn is in her Senior year at Allendale High School, and has played Flute in the Marching Band all 4 years. She also plays Flute in the Wind Ensemble, and plays Bass in Jazz Band.  Jordyn enjoys being a leader in both Wednesday Night ALIVE! & Children's Worship classes, and has found a love for Children's Ministry!  PJ and I are very proud of the way she is growing up as a young lady, loving and serving the Lord.
I love spending time with my family, cooking, reading, coloring, spending time outdoors, and playing with the other "member" of our family, Rosie the PitBull!

Serving the Lord truly brings me joy, and I look forward spreading that joy to each and every one of you!